Project Management

Leading instead of administer projects


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Agile Project Management


This project management tool is reduced to a minimum and allows you to lead both small and larger projects in a professional way. The five phases of the project - initialisation, planning, concept, Implementation, final report - are build on each other and help to keep track. The following elements are implemented in this tool:

Phase 1: Initialization

  •     Management of the project team
  •      Project order
  •      Project budget

Phase 2: Planning

  •      Planning (Gantt) including hourly billing

Phase 3: Decision

  •    rough draft
  •    detail concept

Phase 4: Realization & Controlling

  •      project status
  •      risk analysis
  •      SWOT analysis
  •      feasibility study
  •      communication
  •      Fish Bone Diagram

Phase 5: Completion

  •      final report

Prerequisite: Excel 2010 or higher

Languages: German, French, English and Italian