Innovation Management

Innovate or die!


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Innovation is one of the core tasks of a manager. This tool combines data and support to increase the innovative power of a company. The following elements are implemented in this tool:

  • Link to the management cockpit

Situation analysis

  • Products
  • Processes
  • Failure analysis
  • Cause - Effect
  • Stakeholder
  • Customer complaints
  • Benchmark
  • Trends
  • Potential
  • Business Model Canvas
  • SWOT

Innovation strategies

Implementation & Controlling

​Link zum Projektmanagement

  • Link zum Businessplan
  • Innovationscockpit
  • Kommunikation
  • Portfolio
  • Risikomanagement
  • Pareto Diagramm
  • Link zur Balanced Scorecard
  • Link zum Führungscockpit

Prerequisite: Excel 2010 or higher

Languages: German and French


Download tool for free